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Reiki and People

Posted on April 2, 2018 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (1)

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So how do you describe Reiki to someone in who has never heard of it? 

When I first started to study Reiki I was so excited, so passionate, so absolutely sure that Reiki was just the best thing.... I never stopped to think about how to "talk" about it.  Gosh, didn't everyone know what Reiki was?  OK - I admit, I was very blessed in growing up in Central/Northern California Coast... people were open to energies and ideas, and didn't look at you like you just stepped out of the asylum when you tried to explain it.  That is where I came to a very singular truth,  FEELING IS BELIEVING.  Because in truth there are absolutely no words that can describe the experience and for many years this was the only way I could express it.

It has taken nearly two decades, but I finally can talk about Reiki without sounding like a complete loon (at least I hope... : )  ).

There is a commonality that we all share and that is Energy.  I am made of energy - You are made of energy, we as humans produce energy to animate our bodily functions and survive.  If you can accept this one premise, there is hope.  

In my extremely oversimplified - under educated way here it goes:

Mass is made of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms - atoms are essentially energy. 

"An atom is just that, a single atom, made from protons, neutrons and electrons. A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together via ionic, metallic or covalent bonding". -Google

Who remembers what happens when you split an atom?    BOOM  So if we are harnessing that force that makes up the universe and we are channeling it what could our Physical and Energetic bodies do with it?  I believe we are only limitng factor.  So,  Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy healing - rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. It was standardized by Dr. Hayashi and brought to the west by Mrs. Takata who lived and practiced in Hawaii. This is the shortests version you will ever hear, because once I start I can go for hours...


It is Primal Force, God Consciouness, Source Energy... however you wish to define it.  It is an energy greater than ourselves.  Reiki practitioners are attuned in the energetic frequencies that are required to move this energy through themselves to another person (pet or place.... time too if you really want to get technical - again a blog for another day).

People are very receptive to Reiki I cannot enourage you enough to read, explore and discover Reiki's history, philosophy and culture -- it offers loving energy for you and your body to use for your highest good.  At the very least, Reiki provides an amazing relaxing session that eases stress and anxiety.

P3 mobile Healing and Reiki provides a mobile service for all People - Pets & Places.  While Reiki is considered a Spiritual Experience -- it not associated with any religion.  It doesn't matter if you believe or not - energy exist, runs and can help you even if you don't know it yet.

Reiki creates a subtle change in the atmosphere

Reiki helps people to release toxic energies

Reiki helps people release toxic substances

Reiki can help open and balance chakras 

Reiki Can release trauma 

Reiki can ease pain

Reiki can even comfort grief

A personal account:

While I was training for my Master/Teachers certification I would set up a tent at the Saturday Market.  I sold herbal products and offered Reiki, it was wonderful.  The people were open, amazing and absolutely taught me so much about Reiki and what it does.  Most of the people that is... one in particular - changed me forever... One saturday they were having a particularly popular band - there was lots of drinking and smoking and it was generally a really pleasant day when a couple of guys ( I would say men.... but I think that was a stretch... they were just good ol' boys out to drink, get drunk and party some more) kept coming over making obnoxious comments - insisting I "heal" them.... they truly thought they were funny...  I didn't. 

After about the 5th or 6th time they came back around I was getting annoyed.  Finally, after another round of just give me what I need,  I grabbed the guy's hand and slapped the Reiki energy into his hand as strong as I could muster - when he tried to pull back, I held on and proceeded to discuss his failing liver, kidneys and the brain damage that would quickly onset if he didn't get a hold of his life stop abusing himself with alcohol and clean up his act.  Now - I admit, this was not my finest hour... but I also truly feel I was being guided.  When I let go, he pulled back and stumbled away with a very confused look on his face.  I thought if nothing else, maybe he will just go about his business now.  I was wrong, about 20 minutes later he came back, furious !  He was now completely sober, after being sloshed... Demanding to know what I did to him, all I could answer was that you received what you asked for.

As I said... probably not my finest hour, as I don't believe we should allow our personal feeling to influence our Reiki, but for whatever reason I believe that I was guided to wallop him with an intense reality check and Reiki kicker.  I cannot say for sure if he received the message and changed his life.  What I can say is that - the experience changed me.  I really felt the energy driving me - pushing through me at such an intensity as I had never experienced before.

Until we meet again - Namaste'

Reiki 3/26/18

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Lauralea Adkins

P3 Reiki - Healing and Reiki for People, Pets and Places:   www.adkinsalternativecare.com

North Phoenix, Arizona

I supposed I should begin where all good tales begin, at the beginning.

My name is Lauralea.  I am an energy worker.

I have been an energy worker my whole life.

My empathic nature made people think I was a hypochondriac.

My intuitive abilities scared me and others.

My past - makes me who I am, My future is what I make of it.

I was one of the kids that knew when you needed a hug.

I was the the teachers pet in the classroom, because I felt when my teacher needed a shoulder rub.

I was the kid that the other kids talked about in whispers....  is she just faking....

Just about the time I hit puberty - sleepovers became very interesting.

Playing the usual sleep over "games".

But those games - weren't games, just a young woman entering her true nature.

I remember "playing" with the ouija board - when the planchet moved on its own, we buried it in the closet.

I remember entering what I thought was a play trance, but was seeing other places, other people.

I remember being told I would burn in hell if I didn't stop using my gifts.

I was 34 years old when I discovered that my childhood "play" gifts weren't in my imagination or playing at all.

I approached the turn of the century with a deep curiosity of who I really am.  A supervisor had made a statement about my speech patterns that he believed told him all he needed to know about me.   And while I admit he was pretty close to the mark -- what he didn't take into account that I didn't really know who I was, so how could he?   I realized that I had become the person I was told I should be, the person I was expected to -- without regard for who I am or what my life's path looks like.

Life since then, has simply been one of discovery to find out who I really am.  Some very fundamental questions came into being?  Beyond who am I... what do I really believe?  God?  Goddess?  Both?  Am I really a feminist?  or just a strong female ?  why is it one or the other?  My head was spinning....  

Then around 2000 I met one of the most influential women in my life, an amazing healer, channel, and earth angel if there ever were one.  She became one of my dearest friends and most treasured teacher and mentor.  It was she who realized I had "the gift" of healing.  I mean, I knew my hands got hot all the time, I knew that the palms become very red -- but I had never put it together with "the gift" I had.  I thought it was nerve damage (at least that what the doctors told me).  I didn't really believe in hands on healing, I had been taught that only Christ could do things like that.... but then again, that was one of those fundamental questions....  (and a whole other blog - so I will leave that one alone).

From 1992-2003 I was continually ill or injured.  In 1994, I sustained the work injury that would eventually cost me my job.  The QME with the state of California declared my injury stationary, that I would not improve any further - and if I continued to work I would only be hurt further.  I had over 50% loss of the use of my hands.  I couldn't hold a glass, cut my own meat - or even drive my car for any distance.  Instead of taking care of my children they had to take care of me. In 2003 - my life was swept away as I was unable to continue to work as a Project Manager. I loved helping people - I hated the bureacracy and bs that went with it.  I was left with no job, no prospects and now had to find something that didn't require computer work, or my hands overall.  Wasn't that an interesting conversation...   :  (    

In the meantime,  my Mother came to live with me.  As so many of our parents do, she needed some help.  I met our neighbors, lovely people who were healthy, but were no longer able to drive and needed some help.  I seemed my path was emerging.  I began Adkins Elder Care where I helped with shopping, grocery, companionship.  It evolved into Adkins Alternative Care with Reiki Training, then Herbology Training - I discovered and explored my own natural abilities while learning Reiki... while healing myself.  Today, I have residual damage, but I can drive, eat, drink and do many things the doctors believed I would never do again.... Including SCULPTING !

From 2003 to 2008 my life was a whirlwind of self discovery, including becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher - I attribute my remarkable recovery to my Teacher, Friend and the Reiki she taught me.  I have been truly blessed.

The last ten years seem to have flown by.  They have seen tremendous loss of both my husband and mother.  I honestly don't know how I would handled it without my training.  My spirituality was not only in tact - but stronger than ever, because it was my beliefs.... not something I was told I had to believe.  My understanding of the Universe was not mimickry but true resonance.  

It seems life had come full circle.  I again had to reflect on when this journey began and that supervisor that changed my life because thought he knew me so well....  But this time, I knew the answer, because I understood and integrated my beliefs into my life everyday.  I had become a complete person by accepting my true self, exploring the possibilities and journeying on each and everyday.



Posted on October 4, 2017 at 12:40 AM

Look Harder

I say -- we are divine because we were created by divinity

You say -- that is heresy

You say -- we were all created in "HIS" image

I say -- what's the difference?

I say -- How could we have been created by something without being touched by it ?

I say -- How can anything create without leaving a piece of itself behind ?

I say -- Your Jesus left us a message of love - but you use it as a reason for hate

You say -- That's not true

I say --look harder where has Christianity ever promoted love?

I say -- how many people died for not believing this doctrine of death?

I say -- live your life -- do not mourn it

I say -- if you were not put upon this earth to live your life and only to suffer and to prove yourself worthy - how is that love?

I say -- if we must kill a brother because he does not share our beliefs - how is that love?

You say -- that is weird and unacceptable

You say -- loving people openly for who they are and what they have to give in this life is obscene

You say -- the devil is a liar

I say -- the devil is a lie

You say -- his biggests triumph is that very belief

I say -- look harder - do not just mimic the words you were told

I say --- look harder - am I not the same as you flesh blood and bone

I say--your ignorance is not a triumph only a sadness

You say -- I am a nut

I say -- Look Harder, is it not you who looks back? 

I say do you not judge yourself and your own short comings? 

I say because you are so full of hatred you cannot really see me. 

I say you must look harder....

Because behind the millennium of lies behind the veil of tears in disguise you will see not only me -- but a mirror image of yourself