MOBILE REIKI SERVING NORTH PHOENIX AZ                                                                                    FORMERLY ADKINS ALTERNATIVE CARE 

Energy Readings/Healing - Teacher

My interactions with Lauralea have been nothing less than the best times I have ever encountered.  When a person meets a healer with an honest heart, pure intention, clarity in thought, as well as, support that is needed in that moment, well it is a gift in disguise.  Meeting a very special person such as Lauralea is considered part of my life's journey.  We met back in 2011 for my very first reading with her in Sedona and have connected ever since.  Not only does she provide guidance through her readings, she extends her gifts by offering time for healing as well.  I have visited her in times of dyer needs for chakra balancing, readings, and my willingness to also ascertain knowledge in Reiki Healing.  Lauralea is my Reiki Healing Master/Teacher.  Chakra balancing healing sessions have helped me 100% of the time with overall health balance and a sense of much needed grounding.  I have found a life long guide in this lifetime who I know I can always count on and will always be there for me and in reciprocity, she will always know my gratefulness and                                                                                                                      thankfulness for all that she has provided, as well as, having a kindred sister connection.

                                                                                                     - D. Jimenez


I have been a student of Lauralea's  for over eight years.  She is patient, exceedingly knowledgeable, and always professional.  I have learned a tremendous amount from her over the years; and my life has been been impacted greatly in the most positive ways since I began my reiki journey with her.  I strongly recommend her services to anyone seeking alternative care.

- S. Battagione (from FB)

Intuitive Healer

My experience with Lauralea was from a intuitive coaching perspective.  I highly recommend her for spiritual healing.  She's kind, understanding, and spot on.

- J. Barry (from FB)


I studied Reiki with Lauralea, and she's a wonderful intuitive, with a gentle yet powerful and deeply grounded energy. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and teacher.

- R. Figueroa  (from FB)

Reiki Healer

I have known Lauralea for several years and she is an exceptional, gentle and experienced Reiki Master.  In fact, she is the only Reiki Master that I would go to for Reiki healing in Phoenix, AZ.  She is one of my favorite people and what I like and admire the most about her is that even though she has been channeling energy for over 20 years, she is very humble and a good listener.  She pours her heart into the session and anyone can feel that she really loves doing what she does.  She enjoys expanding her vision and mind by learning and exploring new natural healing techniques and that's the sign of a great teacher, a person who knows her craft but still continues to challenge the limits to find out what else works quicker, better and deeper.  I highly recommend booking her for healing sessions.

- X. Jilani