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Healing and Reiki Services for People Pets and Places
North Phoenix


Reiki Sessions 

In House $60/hr    Mobile $85.00/hr

What is a Reiki attunement?

The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki Master. The process is guided by the Rei or God-consciousness and makes adjustments in the process depending on the needs of each student. - Google

Reiki Classes

Reiki Training Level 1 : Physical      $300

- 4 attunements over 4 weeks  100 practice hours + Reading required

Reiki Training Level 2: Emotional   $400       

-4 attunements over 4 weeks 200 practice hours + Reading required

Reiki Training Level 3: Master/Practitioner - Master/Teacher $500-$1100

- 2 attunements - self paced 500 - 1500 practice hours required

*attunement timing can be adjusted - I am requiring commitment to training

Energy Reading:

In House $60/hr    Mobile $85.00/hr   Add on $10/15 min

Energy/Chakra - Clear and Balance:

In House $20/15 min  - not available for Mobile Stand Alone Service - Mobile add on $10/15 min

Respite & Reiki, North Phoenix -  $25/hr (minimum 2 hours)

Caregiving is more stressful than any big city job you can think of.  We are constantly worried about someone else, even when we have no control.  We are always needed for doctor's appointments, shopping, cooking... and all of life's other needs.  But when do you have time to just relax, just be... spend time with your kids, friends or other family?  Unless you have lived this way - it is impossible to truly grasp the depth of this.  I have been there, I understand.  That is why I am offering Respite and Reiki as a package.  Two hours minimum @ $25/hr gets you time... to yourself, time away, time to relax and as a bonus I will give you a free 15 minute Reiki Session before I go home.  You are so invested in your life as a caregiver, don't you think it's time you invested in yourself?  

Reiki Master/Doula - $500

Being a Doula is one of the worlds greatest joys in the world.  I am a DONA trained Birth Doula, as well as, a Reiki Master/Teacher.  I combine the two modalities to make your birth a special experience.  Working with you we will discuss what you want your birth to look like?  Who will be involved?  Where will you deliver, etc.  During early labor Reiki can be most useful, this is when your body needs to be at rest preparing itself, but often this is difficult to achieve... Reiki can help not only during the early labor hours but also during transition when you need it most.

A Doula is not medical position, our soul purpose is to support and be there for the Mother to be.  I am not a nurse, a midwive or a doctor.   I am a woman who has been there and offers this experience to you.


Reiki 4 Rover - Mobile Animal Reiki, North Phoenix

$45/30 min       $85/hr

Reiki 4 Rover Training:

SPECIAL PRICE $200 / or just try it $50 (1 attunement - last about 1 week)

Energy Reading: 

Scan, Clear & Balance    $45/30 min     $85/hr

Animals LOVE Reiki - they know when they need it, they know when they've had enough (and they aren't shy about telling you).

Reiki gives them so much more than just healing, the healing energy relieves their anxiety, lowers their stress levels and provides a level of comfort that so many people take for granted.  Rescues especially benefit from Reiki - so many have trauma and injuries that we can't always see.  So, give your new bestie all the tools they need for a happy transition into their new forever home, or offer some comfort to an older loyal friend... If you love them,  wouldn't you want them to be the best they can?

*The Reiki for Rover program is basically  a level one attunement.  This special price is available for those people wanting to learn Reiki for their Pets, you will be given basic guidance in self treatment, but the focus will be on your pet - there is no certificate and no requirements for hands on practice.  Reading.... is always suggested.  Learn, try, learn some more....   


Ideally every home or office is as energetically "clean" as the building looks.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  Just recently a dear friend realized that her home felt uncomfortable.  There had been a break up and move out.... but although the other person took their belongings, they definitely left something behind.  The energy signature was pervasive throughout the structure - even the pets were affected.  Smudging cleared the energy leaving her safe & comfortable.

Home/Business Energy Reading

<2000 sq. ft  $ 100

>2000 sq. ft  $.05/sq ft

Clear/Smudge Dwelling                   

 <2000 sq. ft  $50                             

 >2000 sq. ft $.025/sq ft   

Blessings/Sealing Dwelling

<2000 sq. ft $50

>2000 sq. ft   $.025/sq. ft           

Places can retain energetic signatures.  Trauma, Anger, Grief - so many negative feelings are so intense it is as if they imprint a space with that energy.  When experiencing discomfort in your home, or office - it is always a good idea to do some spring cleaning.  After all, when you spend so much of your time in that space, why would you allow yourself to continue feeling that discomfort. 

For example, if you are looking at moving into a new place in the North Phoenix Area -- have an energetic reading done on the dwelling or business first.  You want to be comfortable, safe, and feel like this is your space once you are there.  Then, before you move into that North Phoenix home or office  have it cleansed of any old energy.  Then finish up with a Blessing.  

What if  you've been in your home 10- 20 years and it just feels "dirty"  and dark ?  Energy is like dust it just build up over time, sometimes a place just needs a good old fashioned "airing" to clear the space and bring in fresh air.

 Even if you are just dealing with the good old fashioned "break-up" with a live in partner - they too have left an imprint, if you don't want them there... you certainly don't want their residual energy.  Don't forget to have  your space cleansed  !